Foundation in Science (Integrated Programme)

Did you miss out on direct entry to the medical, dental, pharmacy or engineering degree you wanted at the universities in Indonesia, Bangladesh or Russia? No problem. Upon successful completion of our Foundation in Science (Integrated Programme) (FIP) – a degree transfer program (DT), you’re guaranteed entry straight into the first year of your degree of choice. This course is accredited by Malaysian Qualifying Accreditation (MQA).

Place of StudyMalaysia
AccreditationMQA (Malaysia)
Tuition FeeRM 10,500 (Provide Full Scholarship)
Duration of Study12 months (Full time only)
HostelRM 250 per month (Provide Full Scholarship)

Jay Excel Medic is offering scholarships and rebates to students who wish to study foundation, diploma & degree programmes in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Russia.

Scholarship Details

    1. Scholarship will be awarded with bonding subject to the programme awarded.
    2. This scholarship will cover the tuition fees and accommodation support.
    3. The amount will be disbursed on a semester to semester basis.
    4. Students are required to maintain the required minimum CGPA of 3.0 per semester in order to continue with the scholarship. Failing which, the status of the scholarship will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.
    5. Students who withdraw (academic and non-academic reasons) without completing the programme will be required to repay the amount that has been disbursed for the financial award given.
    6. Repeat modules or semesters will not be covered and continuation of the financial award will be on a case by case basis.
    7. The SCHOLAR AWARDEE is required to complete the foundation course as prescribed by the college curriculum which was duly approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
    8. After completion of the Foundation In Science Integrated Programme and actual graduation, the SCHOLAR AWARDEE shall enrol in an undergraduate course approved by the Jay Excel Medic System Board of Trustees. The list of Jay Excel Medic System Board of Trustees courses is attached.
    9. Jay Excel Medic (JEM) Scholarship Committee may vary the selection requirements as and when it deems necessary.

Financial Aid

EPF Students can apply for PTPTN loan or Scholarships based on their results. For more information, kindly visit Parents can withdraw funds from their EPF Account to help finance their children’s diploma or degree education. For more information, kindly visit PTPTN Students can also seek other financial aid from PTPTN or EPF.

Sibling & Parent Alumni Discount

Siblings are entitled to RM500 discount on their tuition fee. This is a one-off deduction for new registrations (i.e. new students) only. The Sibling Discount will be awarded to the next sibling when both siblings attend JayExcel’s network universities/colleges (locally /overseas) at the same time and tuition fees are paid in full; or if one of the siblings has completed or is still pursuing a programme of study of more than a year’s duration at JayExcel’s network universities/colleges (locally /overseas). The Parent Alumni Discount will be awarded to the students whose parent have completed their studies with JayExcel’s network universities/colleges. Applicable to all programmes, except parttime and short courses. This discount is applicable to both Malaysian and international students.

* Terms & Conditions apply

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